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Intelligent tanks

The intelligent hub for all your heating needs

Intelligent tanks have sophisticated inbuilt controls to manage a range of heat sources and hot water or
heating systems.

We have poured all of our experience of heating technologies into developing intelligent tanks that act as the main hub of the heating system. By controlling the inputs (heat pumps, boilers, solar thermal), and the outputs (radiators, underfloor heating etc.), it is possible to ensure the heat is produced and used in the most efficient way possible, always matching supply and demand.

Water heaters

Reliable supply of hot water

Enertech Group offers a wide range of water heaters and accumulators, ranging from small products covering a one-person household, to large systems designed to satisfy the need for hot water at schools, hospitals and hotels etc.

The Green Innovation product series is a completely new water-heating and accumulator system. It can be adapted to single houses as well as commercial buildings. All Green Innovation products can easily be connected to solar energy, heat pumps, pellet boilers and other sustainable heating methods.  

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Image of intelligent tanks and water heaters